180731 - Tips Tuesday - Hollow


Yesterday we worked on the "hollow!" It seems like an odd position and it definitely looks funny, but it is super functional. Below is a link to an AWESOME description of what the hollow and arch is AND why we use it! 

Here's some variations on the hollows from CrossFit Gymnastics! 

STRENGTH - Pause Back Squats
(5 down, 5 hold, 5 up) = 1
3 - 3 - 3

WOD - "Partner Kelly" 
P1: 400m run
P2: 30 Box Jumps
P1: 30 Box Jumps
P2: 400m run
P1: 400m run
P2: 30 wall balls
P1: 400m run
P2: 30 wall balls...
Until each does 2 complete rounds (4 total 400s, 2x30 box jumps and 2x30 wall balls each)