180726 - Soapbox Thursday | High Fives Save Pride


Here, most of the year*, we give high fives. 

We give them for made lifts, we give them for missed lifts. We give them to say "Hi!", we give them to say "Bye!" We give them to pump you up, we give them to calm you down. We give them for just about everything. 

It's a non-invasive way to give respect, acknowledge effort and just be a nice person. Plus, who doesn't like a high five? 

Terrorists, that's who. 

So give your training buddy, your friends, new people, old people and for JG Wentworth's sake,  your coach a high five. It's a free and easy pick me up when the chips are down. Don't be stingy with 'em either!

*The exception is during cold and flu season, when you're hacking and coughing all over your hands then fist bumping and washing your dirty digits is appropriate. 

WOD - AMRAP 13: 
21 Deadlifts 135/95 (Scale to 95/75) 
15 Push Ups (Scale to Knees OR Dumbbell Floor Press) 
9 Deltas 35/15