180712 - Soapbox Thursday


If you haven't noticed, there has been a little bit of a change in the workouts. I've been programming for this month and I've been trying to get the classes to be more on a timed schedule to both maintain a high level of coaching and intensity through the workouts. 
This has been a rough time to say the least. Not just because we've done a Hero WOD and FYF each week...
Here's where I'm coming from:

Your time is valuable. Our time is valuable. 

Showing up on time and ready to go is your acknowledgement of these. 
Showing up late on a regular basis, or worse, showing up late and dawdling around prevents the rest of the class and the coach(es) from putting in the requisite amount of work to prepare you for the workout and give you the best instruction possible. 
Everyone has a reason to be late once in a while. Trains, traffic, work, kids, etc. all impact your ability to get to classes. I've got no problem with that. We'll catch you up when you get in. 
We're trying to start everyone at the top of the hour, together, to continue to build the community and engender a sense of teamwork in the class. 
We still want you to hang out and socialize, but we also want to get to work when it's time. 

I've already received feedback that trying to stick to a rigid schedule is too much. Noted and changed already, you'll notice that we're back to more flexible timing. However, I think the start at the top of the hour is going alright and we'll continue this experiment until it either sticks or doesn't. 
If you show up early, you're more than welcome to pre-warm up and/or mobilize until the top of the hour. 
If you're going to show up late, no worries! We're not going to kick you out, we're not going to assign you punishment burpees (we all think that's a stupid idea). We want this place to continue to be a place of safety, security and a chance to focus on yourself for a solid hour in the day. We just ask that you make every effort to get here a little early. That way we can give you your money and time's worth, every time!

6 Way Barbell Complex
Start with EB or 75/55 for warmup. Work is not for time, but for weight successfully completed. 
3 rounds, increase weight ONLY if you can do all movements unbroken
6 deadlift
6 bent over row (flat back)
6 hang power cleans
6 front squats
6 push presses
6 back squats