180710 - Tips Tuesday - Hook Grip?


What is HOOK GRIP? 
It is a style of grabbing something that locks it more securely into your hand. You place your thumb around first than wrap your first two fingers over your thumb to help pull it around further and hold it down. 

In situations where we are pulling from the floor or holding something in the "hang" position, hook grip is key! So whether you are going for a big heavy deadlift or farmer's carrying for distance, it's a good idea to grab it with a hook grip. DO NOT use it for overhead moves however!!! It is not meant to be maintained in an overhead position due to the place of bones and muscles, it can cause problems. 

Ouch....HOOK GRIP? 
It takes some time to get use to but tape can help protect your hands until they adjust. Just use it on light stuff and heavy stuff so you get plenty of practice! 


WOD - Partner Cindy!
Partner 1 - 5 Pull Ups
Partner 2 - 10 Push Ups
Partner 1 - 15 Squats
Partner 2 - 5 Pull Ups
Partner 1 - 10 Push Ups
Partner 2 - 15 Squats
(And continue on in that pattern)