180606 - Quote of the Week Wednesday


When I started CrossFit, I could barely get my toes up to the bar. It was a STRUGGLE! (See tiny video clip below - LEFT 4 years ago and RIGHT today) Everyday, I'd hop up there and work on it. Then I asked Coach what more I could do and I did what I was told. I tried my best in workouts to slow down and just do it right instead of rushing though. It was and still is a slow process but I trusted it! Today, toes to bar are my favorite move and I will never stop working on them because there's always room for improvement! 

Partner WOD - 
As much weight as possible:
       Ground to Overhead (4 minutes)
As many meters as possible: 
       Rowing (4 minutes) 
As much weight as possible
       Shoulder to Overhead (4 minutes) 

[Only one can work at a time. 
You can choose the weight.
Partners can use different weights.
Each one is scored separately]