180604 - Motivation Monday - Where should your focus be?


Here we go...
Write 10 things on a piece of paper that are important to you and your happiness! 
I'll wait...
GOOD! Now I have to take away 2 of those things, cross off the 2 things you'd be willing to give away to me (even if it's an intangible thing). 
OK, now I'm going to need 3 more so pick another 3 to cross off, leaving only the most important stuff untouched. 
SO NOW, you've got 5 things left. Order those from most important to least important. Your focus should be on these 5 things remaining on the list. These are things you weren't willing to give up. IN NO WAY AM I SAYING the other stuff didn't matter, you originally put them on your list for a reason, you can still show those things lots of love BUT sometimes we diversify and spread out our focus so much that nothing gets enough of our attention, investment, or dedication. For this week, try giving more to those top 5! :) 


SKILL - Handstand Push-Ups! 

WOD - AMRAP 14: 
20 DB Box Step Ups
10 Handstand Push-Ups
20 Single Arm DB Snatches
100m Run