180621 - Soapbox Thursday

There’s a sucker born every minute.
— P.T. Barnum

Don't be a sucker. 
If you're interested in getting stronger, lift heavy things often, don't get wrapped up in the latest and greatest piece of super expensive lifting equipment from Rogue. 
If you're just starting CrossFit, don't worry about $170 custom shoes and a $300 pair of lifters. Get decent in your chucks or dad sneaks first, do the work to earn yourself a $300 lift, then get the lifters. 
If you want to lose weight, eat less bullshit and eat real food in smaller amounts and don't worry about weird supplements, superfoods, bulletproof coffee, keto and magic pills. 
There's a pattern here. Money can't buy real results. You've got to work for them. There's nothing wrong with getting stuff you need or want, but don't go justifying it by so and so uses such and such and that's why they're successful.
Two of the most popular CrossFit athletes' mottos are "Hard Work Pays Off" - Mat Fraser and "Pay the Man" - Josh Bridges
Be like them: do the work, don't be a sucker. 

Pull Up/Muscle Up Progressions
Oly Lifts (Clean and Jerks) 

WOD -  For Time
Row 400m
200 Double Unders (400 singles) 
Run 400m