180619 - Tips Tuesday - Banded Traction


We can use resistance bands to essentially decompress a joint. We have a capsule in our joints that give room for them to freely move around. Due to the movements we do, daily life habits, and dehydration, those capsules can get squished or reduced which can cause joint pain. We need to open them up to allow for free movement and relaxation of the surrounding tissues! 

Good news, we can help out our joint capsules by doing banded decompression or traction!
You basically want to pull a joint out of it's socket using a resistance band! Pretty simple! I've posted a video of some ideas below but next time you are in the gym and feel like a joint is getting sticky, maybe give one of these a try or ask a coach for some ideas! 


Pull Up/Muscle Up Progressions
Oly Lifts

2 Box Jumps 24/20
2 Wallballs 20/14
Add 2 reps to each movement for each round