180614 - Throwback Thursday - Coaching VS. Babysitting (Edited)


With a bunch of new athletes both new to CrossFit and new to Choice City, I'd like to take a moment to reiterate what you can expect from me and my coaching staff. 

As your coaches, you have hired us as local, experienced subject matter experts in a range of specialties: Nutrition, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Programming, Gymnastics, Endurance, Sprint and Speed work. We are not THE subject matter experts and when we don't know something we will defer to those accomplished people that are: Robb WolfJim WendlerMark RippetoeGreg Everett, the Ma Strength team, CJ Martin,  Ben Bergeron, CrossFit Gymnastics, the Military/Mountain Athlete team, Chris HinshawDr. Nicolas Romanov, RP Strength and Dr. Mike Israetel, James FitzGerald and the OPEX team, the CrossFit HQ team et al. In doing so, we use the best information available to make programming decisions and steer you in what we feel is the right direction for your goals. We value your input and ask leading questions about your goals so we can approach it as a team

Our #1 job is to ensure your safety. This is accomplished by teaching the most efficient and biomechanically correct form possible and asking you to repeat that form ad nauseum. Mechanics first.
Your #1 job is to learn and repeat that most efficient and biomechanically correct form over and over until it becomes second nature, then and only then should you increase load, distance, or try to shorten the cycle time of the movement. 
That's what you're paying us to cultivate and then to expect from you. 

Your coaching team absolutely love to coach. We want to coach. Hell, I (Michael) would rather coach than do most other things to include taking care of myself.

You'll notice that we present things in a interrogative manner, trying to lead you to the right answer. We ask you to recall those lessons you've learned over time to reinforce that learning and give you wide-ranging analogies so it all sticks. If It comes down to making on-the-spot corrections in the middle of a workout, We'll do it twice then STFU, because we don't want to nag. 
We will give you drills, progressions and suggestions all day, every day to make you a better person, athlete and CrossFitter. We will stay late and come early if we are allowed to coach.

If we cue you and you nod your head and do not make the correction, then we will correct you. If you then ignore us, we are not acting as your coaches, We are babysitters. 

I absolutely hate being a babysitter, and babysitting comes with a few realities:

One, expect to get THE LOOK when you do something we've tried to coach you out of.
Two, expect to be told in the most tactful way we can muster at the time how and why you are f-ing it up. 
Three, If you fail to improve because you just don't listen, realize that you are in control of the situation and try as you may to blame us, it won't stick. 

Our time is valuable and limited to the hour we have with you every day. We spread ourselves through all the athletes we have and give everyone who listens 100%. Take advantage of that. Use our collective knowledge, approaches and experience for good and the good of your health and fitness!

Pull Up/Muscle Up Progressions

Oly Drills (Clean and Jerk) 

WOD - EMOM 9: 
4 DB Thrusters
4 DB Bent Over Row
4 Push Ups
4 Squats
(Rx+ Either 45/35 OR 6 of each)