180611 - Motivation Monday - Mission Statement


What is a mission statement? 

  1. a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual.

Every major company in the world has one of these! It helps guide decisions and bring actions back to their purpose. Last week I challenged you to focus on what was important. This week, I CHALLENGE YOU to write a mission statement. Dig deep and find your "aims and values" then put pen to paper. Write it down and then get after it! Put it somewhere you can see so you never forget what you are reaching for and working for! 


STRENGTH - Split Squats 15/leg x 4

WOD - 
Run to the 50m
Jog/Walk back to the gym
Run to the 100m
Jog/Walk to the 400m
Run back to the gym
(For 3 rounds with a 2 minute rest between) 

(We are working on running hard today! Wear those running shoes if you need to! And don't cherry pick just because you don't like running! This will make you better, so don't avoid it!)