180515 - Tip Tuesday - Rope Climb Pull-Up


For people that want to learn rope climbing but only get a few minutes of practice before a workout then default to rope pulls or sled pulls in the WOD, there's not a lot of time to pattern in the foot wrap! SOOOOO, you can scale by doing a rope climb pull-up in the workout! 

Here's an example of the foot wrap. 
1) Shoe laces to the rope on one side.
2) Wrap the other leg around and hook the heel.
3) Keep feet parallel and push them together. 

Rope Climb Foot Wrap.jpg

How to Rope Climb Pull-Up:
1) Hang from the pull-up bar with rope between legs.
2) Perform foot wrap.
3) Stand Up, trying to focus on legs standing NOT arms pulling. 

Rope Climb Foot Wrap Pull Up.jpg

WOD - For Time: 
EB Thrusters
2 Rope Climbs in between each Thruster set and at the end!