180501 - Tips Tuesday - Knee Sleeves


Here's the nitty gritty on KNEE SLEEVES (the neoprene kind): 

  • Their purpose is to keep the joint warm and give proprioception feedback to your joints for proper placement especially during a fatigued state. 
  • A knee sleeve CANNOT heal prior injuries or support joints! 
  • IF you are going to wear them, it is best to put them on during the warm-up! If they are meant to keep the joint warm but you put them on right before the workout, they can't perform their function! ALSO, if they are meant to help you get into a better position, then you should warm-up with them on so that the movement pattern can be solidified! 
  • Knee Sleeves can be a band-aid on a root issue so make sure you don't rely on them! Keep mobilizing and doing dynamic warm ups!
  • Wash them regularly...they easily get stinky! 
knee sleeves.jpg

WHICH ONES SHOULD I GET? (You might be asking yourself!) 

Rehbands are the most well known brand in CrossFit Land. ($40 each) 

Bear Komplex is a cheaper brand and still well known. ($50 per pair) 

EXO sleeves come in fun colors and are a more slim straight fit. ($50 per pair) 

ROCK TAPE has tons of support products but not many sleeve options. ($30-$50 per pair) 

STRENGTH - Deadlift
10 Light load (less than 50% 1RM)
5 @ 65%
5 @ 75%
5+ @ 85% 1RM

WOD - w/ a Partner
Complete and split the work evenly and however you'd like! 
100 KB Swings
100 Wallballs