180409 - Motivation Monday


6 Things that Require Zero Talent or Money! 

1.) Punctuality and Preparedness
Being on time and ready for work, the gym, and social events is important to reducing the residual stress of always running behind! 

2.) Work Ethic and Effort
"Work F******g Harder." -Coach Michael
You get into things, what you put into things. Your results are fueled by the continual effort you actually put into your work, not the perceived or spoken effort you'd like to put in. 

3.) Body Language and Good Communication
The way you interact with the world is how the world sees you. What do you want your body, reactions, facial expressions, words, and actions say about you? Forcing people to read between the lines or read our minds causes unspoken expectations and assumptions, and you don't want that! 

4.) Being Adaptable and Coachable
Humble pie doesn't taste very good, but a forkful a day keeps the big ego away! Listen, learn, and be willing change! 

5.) Positive energy, outlook, and attitude! 
Nobody wants to be around a Negative Nancy!!! Life is good because you're alive! Bad things happen, hard times make us cry, and we can get angry so we throw shit... BUT damn life is good, so let that shine 90% of the time and good things will keep coming to you! 

STRENGTH - Wendler 5/3/1 Week 1 Deadlift

12 Pistols (One legged squats) 
12 Handstand Push-Ups