180430 - Motivation Monday - Find Your Mantra!


What are you telling yourself while you workout? What do you say in order to keep your mind from giving up? How do you encourage yourself? What does your inner "during the WOD" monologue? Not sure what to say??? Here's some ideas!

  • "You can do anything for one minute!" 
  • "Just one rep. One more. One more! ONE MORE!" 
  • "It ain't shit!" 
  • "Don't quit! Don't be that guy/girl!" 
  • "You wanted this!" 
  • "The faster you finish, the less time you suffer!" 
  • "1, 2, 3, get back in the game!" 
  • "You got it bro/brah!" 
  • "Make it count!" 
  • "Here's where the magic happens!' 
  • "FINISH IT (said like Mortal Kombat)!" 

STRENGTH - Strict Press
10 EB
5 @ 65%
5 @ 75%
5+ @ 85%

WOD - 1 mile run!
This is Murph prep so please don't skip today, we promise it will help make those 2 miles of that workout better if you come and do this one mile now! Take this on like any workout, one step/rep/movement at a time! You can do it! If you plan on wearing a weight vest during Murph, do it today too.