180423 - Motivation Monday - No ONLY's or JUST's!


"I only got 5 on the last set." 

"I just got 3 rounds." 

"But I did it scaled." 

SHHHHHH! That language is NOT allowed here! I hear people say that ALL the time and if you've said it in my presence, you've probably heard me say, THERE'S NO "ONLY"ies in CROSSFIT! What we do here is TOUGH! It is important to remember that and be proud of our performances in workouts and progressions and scores! Next time you overhear a friend trying to degrade their efforts or lower their success with their choice in words...you tell them:

"No only! You got 5! That's awesome!"

"No just! 3 total rounds!? That's amazing!" 

"No buts! You scaled it like a BOSS!" 


STRENGTH - Deadlift
5 @ 75%
3 @ 85%
1+ @ 95%

WOD - AMRAP 12: 
5 Heavy Deadlifts (Body weight) 
10 Box Jumps (Step Downs) 
5 Burpees