180417 - Tips Tuesday - Getting the most out of Wendler


If you want to make "GAINZ" during our Wendler strength cycle (meaning you're building your work capacity or ability to lift heavier things more times) then it's probably best that you do the following: 
1) Do the program! 
The math was done for you for what needs to go on the bar so check your math before you lift to make sure you are following the numbers you were given! 
2) Make every rep count!
Even the empty bar ones matter! They set you up for success so don't just rip through them like they mean nothing! 
3) Fight for those extras!
Those +'s at the end of the last set mean GO HARD! Don't give up when your tired, give up when form isn't good anymore or you just can't!
4) Eat your food!
You're lifting heavy and those muscles need the fuel to rebuild and get stronger! 

STRENGTH - Deadlift
3 @ 80% 
3 @ 85%
3+ @ 90%

WOD - 
3 Dips
3 Strict pull-ups/Ring Rows
Rest 3: 
3 Dips
3 Strict pull-ups/Ring Rows
Score is total number of rounds and total number of additional reps