180416 - Motivation Monday - Learn to swim


As coaches, our job and our goal is to teach YOU how to "swim." 
This is difficult if you refuse to get out of the kiddie pool! 
We can give you verbal instructions and show you diagrams but nothing will be as effective as you getting in the deep end and giving it a try! 
We are here to keep you from drowning and throw you a life vest when you need it but you have to be willing to take the risk and step out of your comfort zone (out of the shallow side). 

If we are asking you to add more weight, we know you and want to challenge you!
If we know you can do a more difficult skill or progression, we want to see you improve!
If you are willing to take the chance, we can teach you how to swim (i.e. lift heavy, eat right, learn skills, be successful, go harder, challenge yourself in WODs)

STRENGTH - Strict Press
3 @ 80% 
3 @ 85%
3+ @ 90%

3 Manmakers (Squat, push up, row, row, clean, push press, overhead lunge, lunge) #50/#35
25 ft. DB Walking Lunges