180306 - Tips Tuesday - Press/Push Press/Jerk?


We have three ways to get the barbell from our shoulder to overhead!
PRESS - Using only your arms, the bar is pressed directly overhead.
PUSH PRESS - The lift is initiated with a "dip and drive" or bounce of the legs to get the bar off of the shoulders and continued upward immediately following by the arms pressing overhead.
PUSH JERK - Again, the lift starts with a quick bounce in the legs followed by a press overhead with the arms, but this time, the legs bend again through the press to get underneath the bar before the arms fully extend. 
SPLIT JERK - This is just a different way to jerk and is an easier way to get as low as possible under the bar, especially when the overhead position is limited by mobility. 

Strength - EMOM 6: 
Push Press
Push Jerk
(Go through list twice in one minute for a total of 6 lifts each minute) 

10 Push Press 95/65
10 Squat Jumps
5 Evil Wheels