180320 - Tips Tuesday - The One Touch Rule


During our "Better You" Challenge, one of my goals was to de-clutter and de-stress my life so I came up with a plan to do so! It's called The One Touch Rule! 
Consider the times when you come home and take off your jacket then throw it over the couch so you can put your bags away then start on dinner. Then the kids want to sit on the couch so they end up moving it to the kitchen table where it gets moved by your spouse when he sets the table for dinner. Eventually, it MIGHT make it to the closet before you go to bed. If not, you just put it back on in the morning when you leave but it sat in an unusual spot the whole night and cluttered up your living space a bit! Let's solve that with one simple solution! 
When you use something, it can only be touched ONCE before it goes to it's permanent home or spot of purpose. Laundry is a great example! My typical laundry routine is...clothes on floor, clean clothes in hamper, switch them out, wash them, then the cycle restarts with my room being unbelievably messy! NO MORE! Once I take off a piece of clothing, it must go in the hamper. Once a piece of clothing is clean, it must get hung up! At first this was tough but now it's a habit! Try it out for a week and see how much less stressed you feel and how clean your house is! 

(Side note: One of my other goals was to wake up at 4:30am every single day! This gave me more time to do these tasks and then in the evening relax! Perhaps try this out too!) 

GOOD LUCK! Just let me know if you have any questions about my new favorite rule!) 

Strength - EMOM 7:
Snatch Deadlift
Snatch High Pull
Muscle Snatch
Power Snatch
(2 times in each minute) 
KEEP IT LIGHT! We are working on form here! :)

5 Power Snatches 105/85
25 Sit-Ups