180205 - Motivation Monday - It's a cycle!


Living a healthy life is a cycle. One thing leads to another and it keeps building on itself so the wheel of good choices and healthy habits keeps coming around. I find that once people get to the gym for a month or two, they start eating to fuel their workouts. They find people with similar mindsets about what healthy living looks like so they perpetuate your ideals! You start feeling more confident in yourself and your body so you find the time to do other self care things like sleeping more or drinking more water. Then you overall feel better and that shows at work which could lead to more professional opportunities!

It all starts with a single good choice to get your booty to the gym, then the cycle begins and it's tough to stop! 

WOD - EMOM 12: 
M1 - 20 Box Jumps
M2 - 5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
M3 - 15 Wallballs
M4 - Rest
1 Round for time
20 BoxJumps
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Wallballs