180226 - Monday Motivation - The road to success!


When we see someone become successful in a skill, a lift, or a workout...it can be easy to become blinded to everything that went into that success. Our athletes have been working on skill progressions and as coaches, we get to watch every failure and frustration along the way! When someone pops up there and does a muscle-up, they weren't genetically created to do so and it came naturally...no way! It took hard work, disappointment, pain, and effort to make getting up on those rings look easy! Keep that in mind when you watch others and when you evaluate yourself! If it's a failure today, that is just one step on the way to your success, because that road is PAVED in FAILURE! Like I said in last week's Quote of the Week...failures will make the journey longer but quitting will only ensure that you'll never get there! 

The Road to Success.jpg

WOD - "Killer Karen" 
6 Rounds
25 Wallballs 20/14
6 Jump Lunges