180221 - Quote of the Week Wednesday!


You might be questioning why things are coming faster for you or your goals aren't being achieved as quickly as you'd like but remember, all good things take time and quitting now definitely won't get you there! 

Its a slow process quote.jpg

WOD - Untimed/Unscored
Take your time and work on form
These movements will help you develop strength and do well in the Open!

3 Rounds
8 Strict Toes to Bar
8 Toes to Bar
8 Strict Knees to Elbows

6 Strict Ring Dips
6 Ring or Box L Sits (5 second hold) 
6 L Pull-Ups

6 Negative HSPU
6 Strict HSPU
:60 Handstand Hold

Buy out: 
6 Rounds :30 on and :30 off cardio (row/ski/bike/DU)