180219 - Motivation Monday - Fault VS. Responsibility


Things are going to get real here...ready?
Be honest with yourself, how many times does something not go your way or you don't get what you hoped for or goals don't get reached and instead of taking the full responsibility of the outcome...you lay the fault on someone else or something else???
I'll give you a second to think about that......(cue Jeopardy music ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬) 
AND we're back! So did you think of a time when you pushed the blame away from yourself so you didn't have to feel responsible? 
It's easy for us to place blame elsewhere so that we can feel better about what we've done or where we are in relation to what we would have wanted or what we SAID we wanted. There are so many things that effect us but if we let those things be reasons and excuses, you lose all power to control your life and reach your goals. For instance...if you wanted to get the gym more as a goal for the new year but that hasn't happened, is your immediate thought:

"Work got busy because my boss let a bunch of people go!" 
"The kids had tons more activities in school!" 
"The gym isn't open enough hours!" 
"My shoulder has been iffy since I had surgery a few years back!" 
"My teachers were assigning more homework and exams than usual!" 

You are letting everyone and everything around you take the blame and responsibility for controlling your life and your goal. Take back the power and change those thoughts to:

"I need to leave work at the same time everyday so I can make it to the gym, which means I need to be more productive during the workday!"
"I worked it out with my husband and the kids' coaches so I can get to the gym three days a week and pick them up after!" 
"I don't like getting up early but the 6am class is totally doable if I do so I'm going to make it work!"
"I will go in to do some serious pre-hab and re-hab for my shoulder and lay off of it during workouts so I can get gym time!" 
"I'm going to use the gym as a study break to clear my head for all of my big assignments!" 

Notice that all of the first statements started with someone or something else...the second set, all start with "i"!? That's the big difference!

Will Smith made a video all about this concept. He is passionate and explains (way better than I do). If we are always victims and in the "finger pointing" mode, we won't be able to move forward and live the life we want! Stop blaming people/things and start taking back your power by taking responsibility! 


WOD - AMRAP 10: 
21 KB Swings 55/35
15 Burpees
9 Pull-Ups
REST 2: 
Alternating Pistols