180215 - Soapbox Thursday - Training


Quoted from Mark Rippetoe, author of Starting Strength.

The ill-informed think that variety is the objective and that boredom is the enemy, that the pump, sweat, fatigue, and soreness are the hallmarks and the objective of an effective workout, not realizing that these things are just the side-effects of what happened today, and aren’t the indicators of progress.

Training is the process of directed physical stress, which results in an adaptation that satisfies a performance goal.

Training is not about today. It’s about the process of going from where you are now to where you want to be later for the purpose of meeting a specific performance goal – usually at a specific time for more advanced trainees on a competitive schedule (aka the Open), but at first for the simple purpose of completing the novice phase of training, the first few months when it’s easier to add weight every workout and get stronger very quickly.
— Mark Rippetoe

Are you working out for the side effects, or training for a goal? Does your work outside the WOD get you closer to your stated goals or are you conflating breathing heavy and sweating with training?
-Coach Michael

WOD - 1k Row
Rest 5:
10 Wallballs
5 Pull-Ups