180212 - Motivation Monday - 10 Things Every CrossFitter Should Know


1. Everyone has rolls when they bend over and has a muffin top in tight pants, even Elite CrossFitters!
2. When someone tells you good job on the workout or skill, take it to heart, they aren't lying. 
3. Sometimes we all get bad BO and/or let out a fart during class....it happens! 
4. For every part of your body you wish you could change or you're unhappy with, there's another person who wishes they had what you do!
5. You should definitely be more confident! If you saw yourself the way others see you, you would! 
6. Don't look for others approval, all that matters is how satisfied you are with yourself!
7. It's okay to not love every movement or workout we do but find there is joy in getting better at weaknesses! 
8. We all know that one person who seems to have all of their s**t together inside and outside the gym, just keep in mind that you might be that person to someone else! 
9. YOU and your HEALTH should be a priority! NOT an option, a last resort, a backup plan, or a someday later! 
10. You are a CrossFitter. That alone makes you pretty damn remarkable. 

(Adapted by Coach Lauren for CrossFitters from Austin Blood's list of "10 Facts Every Woman Should Know") 

WOD - 2 Rounds
(:20 between stations) 
:60 Bike for Calories
:60 Hand Release Push Ups
:60 Ring Rows
:60 Sit Ups