180201 - Throwback Thursday - We are Family!


I was having lunch the other day and noticed what would be in popular opinion, a non-traditional family, with two moms and a few kids. I was thinking about how my own family was non-traditional in that my mother did most of the raising, while my father was deployed. And how many of our families within CCCF are unique in their own way. I'm not actually sure anyone's family would fit into the "traditional" family role as understood by the general populace. 

Our community is a non-traditional family. Judy and Steve are the grandparents we all want and love. Julie, Kate, Kira, Cindy and Candace are just a few of our many moms that make sure everyone is included and taken care of.  I act like the disappointed disciplinarian dad all the time and Rene is the cool dad that teaches people tricks that help people out. I think we all treat Kayla, Emma, and Janell like our kids or at very least our kid sisters and give them equal parts ribbing and advice. Everyone has a role to play and everyone plays a role. It's interesting to watch the dynamic when I'm coaching or when Bri or Lauren is coaching, and see the interpersonal relationships and friendships within our community. 

We're a family. A sometimes dysfunctional, often hilarious, pretty solid family and I'm proud to be a part of it. When people leave, it's sad and I take it to heart. When new people show up, they're adding new life to the long and proud tradition of Choice City CrossFit. When good things happen we're happy for one another and when bad things happen, we grieve and support one another. That makes us a pretty great family.

Thanks very much for being my family. 
-Coach Michael
(Adapted from a post from the archives)

WOD - 
3 sets of each
:20 DB Push Press
:10 Overhead Hold
Rest 3:
:20 KB Goblet Squat
:10 Supported Squat Hold