180125 - Throwback Thursday - Accountable


Talking about plans is a common method of holding yourself accountable. It's prone to failure however. 

If I tell the world that I'm going to learn a muscle up, then the fear of looking stupid or being called a liar is the motivation for me to try to learn a muscle-up. Or lose weight or quit my job etc. And if I'm talking about it, I'm not doing it. I'm talking about it. I'm stalling.  

How about we change this radically and literally just do it

I don't mean hop up on the rings and magically knock out a muscle-up (that'd be awesome if you could) or get liposuction or quit your job without figuring out how to get by. 
I mean grab the muscle-up progression out of the file folders and start doing the work that is required to get good at muscle-ups. Ask, learn and implement what it takes to lose weight, don't just read 10 books on it or blindly follow some method without changing your behaviors or try to shortcut it. Don't say: "On February 1st, I'll..." Because that gives you an out.

Start today, right now. 
Not in a week not in a month. Do it right now. Be about it. 

WOD - "Don't Ask Me About Abzzzz..." 
Push-Up Hold
V-Sit Kickout
V-Sit Hold
Leg Raises
Leg Raise Hold
Dead Bug
Push-Up Hold