181204 - Tips Tuesday - Double Unders


WARM UP - Down and Back
Monster Walk
Lateral Shuffle
Zombie Walk
6 Slow Squats
(All with a band around your ankles)

STRENGTH - Pause Front Squats
Start with 10 EB Front Squats at .a regular pace then 3 more with the pause rhythm
3, 3, 3
Hold at the bottom of each squat for 6 seconds
(1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi…..)

40 Calories Bike Buy-In
Then…with remaining time
8 Front Rack Lunges 115/85
8 Back Squats

GOALS for the WOD -
1) Unbroken between each round! If you break between the front rack and back rack, you must add more movements to get it up and down! This also means that cleaning the bar can’t be the focus, it needs to be something you confidently clean each time!
2) Go ham on that bike! Get that cardio and earn your weightlifting time!

30 Single Under Jumping Jacks
5 minutes of practice