181231 - Last day of 2018 - Motivation Monday


Hey gang,
Michael here.
Hope this finds you well and happy!
10 years.
I started doing workouts from CrossFit.com in 2004. After I was retired from the Army, I decided to get back into it and got my certification in February of 2008. Started unofficially training folks from May of 2008, then officially affiliated in December of 2008.
Over the years, we’ve gone from a 2 car garage at my house (Hi T!), through 3 other spaces, to a great facility with a super landlord and great neighbors with a backyard, a fire pit and a hatchet range!
I’ve gambled it all, selling things I own to keep the doors open, gone without significant off time for years at a time, seen members come and go, seen kids grow up to be adults, and had “friends” come and go. I’ve seen the opening of no less than 12 other CrossFit gyms in the town alone. I’ve done this thing longer than my first enlistment in the Army. We’ve started businesses out of our little community, seen families start and made lifelong friendships over fitness.
Now we’re doing great. We’ve got a solid group of folks and a superb community of like-minded individuals. Our coaching team is expanding and we’re heading into 2019 with a lot of momentum.
I’d like very much for us to keep that up.
Thanks to everyone that’s made this an experience.
10 years.
Who knows where we can go from here!

WARM UP - Run Down and Back x 6
Down Dog with Calf March
Push Ups
Inchworms with walk up and step back
Push Ups
Single Leg Touches
Push Ups
Over the Fence

Hamstring Pole Stretch

Deadlift Prep
Warm Up to heaviest WOD weight, then deload and set up weights

WOD - For Time
21 - 15 - 9
Push Ups
(Increasing in weight for each round)

GOAL for the WOD -

1) Unbroken deadlifts in each set! This is going to be a challenge but the goal is to push the amount of reps you can do without letting go!
2) Perfect Push Ups! This will take a while! Let it take a while! Use this time to rest your hands and hammies for the next set of deadlifts!

2 sets of max effort Seated EB Press
4 minutes of headstand practice
(If you can do :30 hold of a headstand, move on to handstand practice!)
(If you can do :30 hold of a handstand, move on to handstand negatives to an ab mat)

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach