181203 - Motivation Monday


For the months of December and January we are going to have a skill focus each week! There will be anywhere between 10 - 15 minutes post workout to do drills that will either help develop or improve on that week’s skill! On Fridays, we will incorporate the skill into the FYF WOD to see how far the drills gotcha! We are doing this for a couple of reasons:

1) These skills/movements are common place in workouts! It’s nice to see a skill on the board and have no concerns about your ability to do it!
2) They will appear in “The CrossFit Open” 5-week worldwide competition coming up in February!
3) It’s hard to find extra time outside of class to practice so we will make the time for you and even tell you what to do in that time!
4) Sometimes if a coach isn’t around to help (i.e. you’re working on skills outside of the gym), little mistakes or faults get missed that could be crucial to your progress!
5) Everyone always has room for improvement no matter how good at the skills you are!

THIS WEEK’S SKILL IS…..drumroll please…..DOUBLE UNDERS! Yay! If you get done with the designed drill work and have extra time, you can either do your 50 Burpees or other skill progressions!


? of the day - Who has been your favorite teacher in your life?

:30 easy/:30 hard Cardio (x2)
Reaching Side Plank
Strict DB Press
DB Floor Press Bus Drivers
DB Internal External Rotators

MOBILIZE - Straight Up Overhead Band

COACH PREP - Review Movements
& find appropriate pull-up scaling options!

WOD - For Reps
2 Min. Right Kneeling Single Arm DB Strict Press 35/25
3 Min. Strict Pull-Ups
2 Min. Left Kneeling Single Arm DB Strict Press 35/25
3 Min. Strict Pull-Ups

GOAL of the WOD -
1) Go slow and build strength! The score is reps but the goal should be to do HARD work!
2) If you need to rest more than :20, go to a lighter weight or scale to self assisted pull ups!

40 Penguin Hops
20 Tuck Jumps
5 Sets of Max Attempts at DU
or 5 minutes of practice