180122 - Motivation Monday - What's Your Rabbit?


As the fastest dog on the track approaches the rabbit at high speeds, the bunny seems to speed up too. That's because the game isn't made to allow the dog to catch the rabbit. SURE, they can win, but the rabbit is just an illusion. But does the fast little dog care that the rabbit isn't real, NO WAY! Each time he sets out to chase that rabbit, he still goes as hard as he can each and every time! This is a great life example for us humans! We can keep chasing things and maybe we have our own little victories from the feeling of getting there, but the next race is always on the horizon. Your rabbit can be weight loss, new skills, eating better, organizing your life, and so much more BUT whatever it is, don't ever stop chasing it! You know it's a game, so have fun and play!

Chasing a rabbit.jpg

WOD - AMRAP 12: 
3 Thrusters
3 T2B
6 Thrusters
6 T2B
And so on and so forth...adding 3 each round! 

Treat this like Fran but with Toes to Bar! If you can get a sub 10 minute Fran with pull-ups, you should definitely be able to get through the 5th round of this workout since that would also be 45 reps of each movement! GET IT!