181214 - FYF!


WARM UP - “Protect the Pin” Game
15 PVC Pass Throughs
15 PVC Good Mornings

MOBILIZE - 4 Stretch
Toe Reach

COACH PREP - Deadlift with Empty Bar
Warm up to WOD weight
Toes to Bar: Bar Kips, Target Practice, Scaling

WOD - For Time
1k Row
50 Deadlifts (100% Bodyweight)
50 Toes to Bar
(Broken up anyway you want!)

Scale to -
Hanging Leg Raises/knee raises/Anchored Leg Raises
Deadlifts (Lighter than BW or 50% of 1RM)

1) Conquer those T2B! Break it up into small doable sets so you can make them look good and show yourself the progress you’ve made this week!