181213 - Soapbox Thursday


We don’t have them. I mean we don’t have the conventional ones.
We don’t have towels or showers. We don’t have a smoothie bar.
We don’t have a cafe where you can get your post workout panini or free bagels or pizza.
We’re not a spotless state-of-the-art building with central air and a sauna.
Hell, oftentimes our floor has some dog hair from one of the 5 or 6 dogs that make an appearance with their owners a few times a week.
What we do have is remarkable coaching and a spectacular community.
Want proof?

We run every one of our coaching candidates with 6 months or more of consistent attendance at CCCF through our Instructor Training Program (ITP). We do not hire CF-L1 athletes sight unseen. We grow them from within.

ITP consists of 10 one-hour classroom sessions covering Foundational Movements, Metabolism, Scaling, etc., 3 observational hours, 40 co-coaching hours, 2 evaluation classes, and Intro session familiarity. Once those are all completed, the athlete must attain and hold their CrossFit Level 1 (or higher) and take the 2 hour long, CCCF Comprehensive Exam.

We’ve coached athletes to Regional levels, local competition wins, marathon wins, Spartan and Tough Mudder races, sports as varied as rugby, soccer, tennis and swimming. Prepped soldiers for the physical rigors of tough schools and combat and much more.

We have social events each month, oftentimes multiple events! One example is our Free Community Workout where the Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland, Wellington and points north are invited to come share in a free, fun and challenging workout with some kind of seasonal or holiday theme. This month’s includes the 12 Days of Christmas style workout and a pie breakfast immediately following!
As far as just the people that are part of our gym, without prompting or action by the coaches, we have folks that watch each others children outside the gym, give notes of thanks for small things and raucous meetups downtown to support other local businesses!
We share each other’s successes and and support each other’s endeavors and grief if necessary.
We are Choice City CrossFit and that’s just how we do things.
I think we more than make up for the lack of amenities at big-box low-effort gyms. And we’re dadgum proud of it!


? of the Day - Name one time you’ve been in the spotlight and how you felt about it!

WARM UP - 3 Minutes of Double Unders or Singles
(Every time you break, do 2 burpees)
EB Strict Press
EB Floor Press
4 Wall Walks

MOBILIZE - (Split into two groups)
BB Delt Smash
Banded wall foam roll ups

COACH PREP - Headstands
L-Sit Press
Box Handstand Push Ups

12 Push Ups
Max Singles
12 HandStand Push Ups
Max Double Unders

Max Dead Hang
Partner Target Toes to Bar