181211 - Tips Tuesday


Hip flexors are one of the main muscles we use to pick up our leg when we walk, when we step up, and when we do Toes to Bar! For most people, their hip flexor is toooooo tight and when a muscle is too tight, it loses much of it’s full capabilities. This is caused by lots of sitting which can shorten the groupings of muscles that we refer to as the “hip flexors” and those are the psoas and the iliacus muscles! Below is a website with four different release mobilization techniques that could help you if your’s are feeling strained!

Check it out!


WARM UP - 1 Minute Cardio
with a partner (try to be with someone that has your same ability in climbing)
Rope Jumps
10 Box Step Ups
10 Bent Over Row - Right
10 Bent Over Row - Left

COACH PREP - Rope Climbs and Foot Locks
Hip Pop to Rope

WOD - w/ a partner
8 DB Hang Cleans (50/35)
8 Box Jumps (20” for everyone)
8 DB Box Step Ups (Use the Same weights)
2 Rope Climbs

1 Minute Dead Hang
10 Med Ball Squeeze Glute Bridges
10 Med Ball Pikes/Knee Tucks