181210 - Motivation Monday


Get ready for another great week everyone! The focus skill is Toes to Bar! This movement has appeared each year in the CrossFit Open BUT also, it appears frequently in our workouts! Toes to Bar (T2B) helps develop grip strength, hip/shoulder stability, core activation, and body awareness! While you may not conquer T2B this week, you will be left with lots of tools/drills/progressions to help you keep working on it before and after classes to get there!
ALSO….here’s a couple of TO-DO’s for ya:

  • Check out the WOD WEEK collage below and take your guesses! ;)

  • Get those 50 burpees in (another mini-challenge coming on Wednesday!)

  • RSVP to the 10 Year Anniversary Holiday Party!

  • Invite your friends to our “12 Days of Fitmas” workout on December 22nd!
    (And sign up for a type of pie to bring on the board at the gym!)


WARM UP .- Cadio Device Tabata
Group Down and Back Sprinters Warm Up
(see video posted below)
A March
B Walk
C Walk
D Walk
Punters Kick
Pivot Turns

MOBILIZE - Ankle Rolls

Death by Row for Cal
Death by 10 meters

GOALS for the WOD -
1) Push your cardio limits! The only way to get better at cardio, is to do cardio! Go until you feel like you can’t do one more and THEN do two more!


:30 on/:30 off Seconds of Dead Hang x3
20 Hip Raised Scissor Kicks
10 Sitting Toes to Bar
10 Hanging Knee Raises or Knees to Elbows