181106 - Tips Tuesday - KB Swing Faults

nope nope nope nope…this is not okay….

nope nope nope nope…this is not okay….

3 Common KB Swing Faults…

  1. Bad set up: squat rather than a hip hinge
    This typically comes from athletes wanting to bend too much at the knee and/or trying to use their legs to send the kettlebell straight up instead of hinging at the hips to project it forward.

  2. Yanking on the kettlebell
    If there’s a large bend in the wrist, it probably means that the athlete is vigorously pulling on the handle to get it up faster. This is also referred to as a “Kettlebell Snatch Swing” and does not allow for the athlete to use maximum explosive hips!

  3. Caving forward on the downswing
    Keeping the chest high and shoulders back will encourage the body to stay tight throughout the swing and engage more posterior chain instead of only low back to swing the kettlebell back up. If the athlete’s back is rounded, this is a definite sign of letting the KB be your boss!

4 mins :30 on :30 off frog hops hands stay above head during rest
2 rounds
D&B bear crawl
3 per side Track leg swings
10 Banded glute bridges
10 Plate ground to overheads 45/25

Lunging drinking birds
Frog stretch

Rowing technique: tempo, rebound, hip drive, hand position

With a Partner
Work at the same time then switch
P1: 250m row
P2: 50 Russian KB swings 55/35 (RX+ 70/55)
Score is total number of rounds completed by your team in 20:

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach