180115 - Motivation Monday - Be Like the Clock!


I joke that our gym is effected by some strange time vortex that makes the clock slow down. Seems true when you're in the middle of a huge set of thrusters and each time you look up, those numbers slip away slower and slower with each glance...but we can take a lesson from the clock. First of all, just not to look at it, it doesn't help! Second off, even though it seems to slow down, it's actually incredibly consistent and unrelenting in it's pursuit to move forward. That's why I think we need to be more like the clock. It doesn't matter if  you are being watched or not, you must keep ticking away at life because it will keep going even if you don't! 

Get after this Monday! For our challengers who didn't come on Saturday, we are doing the make up "Kick-Off" tonight at 7:30! Wear warm clothes, it's chilly up in here!

WOD - E2M16M
R1 - 1:30 Max Distance Row
R2 - 1:30 Hand Release Push-Ups