181129 - Soapbox Thursday - Gym Etiquette


Rule 1: Put. Your. Stuff. Away. BUT NOT until everyone is done with the WOD!
This is a rule Coach Michael established to encourage everyone to keep cheering for every last person and make sure that no matter when someone finished, they didn’t feel like the last one. If everyone put their equipment away and you still have 3 rounds left, imagine how that would make you feel!? If you need to leave for some reason before everyone is done, just ask a coach and they will take care of your stuff for you!

Rule 2: Don’t drop the barbell!
Barbells can cost up to $400 and while they are quite hardy, the beautiful little ball bearings on the ends can get damaged when dropped. Just be careful and be conscious of the bar while unloading or lifting with the empty bar.

Rule 3: Wipe down anything you touched!
It’s flu season people! Let’s make sure that everything get disinfected after we are done using it! All of our immune systems will thank you!

Rule 4: Sign-up and Check-in for class on Zen Planner and don’t be late!
We totally understand when you forget every once in a while or you had to switch your schedule around and while it is not required, it is a super kind gesture for your coaches and fellow athletes to sign up for classes in advance (don’t forget, we have a 12 person limit)! It also makes sense when things go wrong and you’re running a couple minutes behind randomly BUT it’s super respectful and highly appreciated when you come just a bit early so you know you’re ready to go at the top of the hour when we start!

Rule 5: Put your personal stuff on a shelf, locker, or under a bench!
We’ve gotten into a bad habit of dropping our bags in the middle of the floor, make sure you push your stuff to the side or place it in/on one of our many athletes areas so we have more space to do our awesome workouts and not trip on shiz!

Rule 6: Don’t be a chalk hound!
It’s a “less is more” kind of situation. If you put on too much it can actually make the problem worse. Your sweat can turn that chalk into mud and that’s not only tough to clean up but can be the main culprit in hand tears! Just a little dab dab will do!

Rule 7: Be friendly and say hello to the newbies!
We all remember what it was like to come to the warehouse district and see people throwing heavy things around with loud music blaring….it’s intimidating! You don’t have to be a bubbly-outgoing-greeter-at-the-door but if you could just introduce yourself to those you haven’t seen before, it would ease them into the experience and let them know that they are welcome here! :)

Rule 8: Keep your own bubble…but not too big of a bubble!
This facility is pretty awesome and that is due in part to it’s size. People have plenty of room to spread out a bit and drop barbells (with bumper plate on them) without worrying for others’ safety! BUT sometimes we get too comfortable with how much room we take up! If there’s a large class, you might have to contain yourself! Be conscious of keeping yourself in line with the rest of the group but don’t impeded on anyone else’s personal space in the process! Fine line!

Rule 9: Have fun!
No negative Nancys up in this joint! We don’t expect over the top laughter and big smiles but by golly, we don’t need Debby Downers! Enjoy the hour to yourself, while working on yourself! We are surrounded by some of the most interesting and engaging people, so engage and have fun with your fit fam!

WARM UP - Run the perimeter x 8
With a Partner
Plank High Fives
Ball Transfer Overhead
Ball Transfer Side to Side
Around the World Leg Lifts

Back Extensions
Hip and Back Extensions

WOD - 2 Rounds
:30 on and :30 off
Scissor Kicks
Russian Twists
Dead Bugs
Plank Jacks
Dragon Flys
(Score is total number of reps you get!)

COOL DOWN - Cobra and Child’s Pose