181121 - Quote of the Week Wednesday - Benchmark "Gwen"


Last week, many athletes were telling me about their travels back home for the holidays and lamenting about not being able to come to the gym during that time. I feel the exact same way! I love the life I’ve built here in Fort Collins and it makes me sad to take a couple of days away from from the gym and fit fam that I love! You don’t want to be craving a vacation and impatiently waiting for the next needed getaway all the time. Instead, life in a way where the day-to-day is satisfying enough that you could happily be present there! :)


WARM UP - You’ll need a pair of light dumbbells
Run (down and back) x5
Each of these are down and back with 5 Dumbell Hang Clean and Press after!
Overhead Walk
Front Rack Lunge
Single Arm Lunge
DB Bear Crawl

”Door Jam” Pec and Lat and Calf Stretch (Done in the Rack)

FOR EVERYONE: Split Jerk Work
(Rhythm of Dip/Drive and foot positioning on a + on the floor)

THEN we will split up into groups! ——>

FOR EXPERIENCED (6 months or more):
Find a heavy 1RM Split Jerk from the rack

FOR NEW MEMBERS (6 months or less):
Burgener Clean and Jerk Prep for workout

FOR EVERYONE: EB Gwen to warm up for the workout!

Gwen 15-12-9 Unbroken Clean and Jerks at singular weight
Touch and go at floor only. Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul. No dumping. Use same load for each set. Rest as needed between sets.

1.) - Struggle! If this is easy for you to hold on to during the 15 reps, it is toooooo easy for you! It should be tough to get through each of these sets unbroken. If you fly through it, increase the weight and retry the 15 instead of moving on!

2.) Form! Efficiency is key with this workout! It’s going to be tough to get through loosey goosey so focus on tight movement, no extra stuff. It’s heavy but much less reps than normal so use this as a time to focus in on form! :)