181114 - Quote of the Week Wednesday


{See Dalai Lama Quote below}
Own today. It is your’s. Yesterday and tomorrow are out of your hands. There’s no holding on to them or what they contained. All you can control is today. All you can do is today. Forget the pains of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow and work for the positives of the present. You’ll find yourself living more in the now and enjoying the moment you live in. :)


Question of the Day
What is your hidden talent?

Warm Up
20 Calories of Cardio
PVC Pass Thrus
PVC Gandalfs
PVC Shoulder Lifts
PVC Hollow Scissor Kicks

Starrett Shoulder Prep
- Push Ups
- Shoulder Rolls
- Seal Walk

Dead Hang - Tight Grip
Laying Toes to Bar
Strict Toes to Bar
”Kipping Instruction” with PVC Target

Strict DB Press
DB Push Press
(Decide whether you want to DB or BB)

3 rounds
20 Toes to bars
20 Push Press DB 35/25 BB 95/65

COOL DOWN - Accumulate 40 Crunching Bird Dogs
Make them slow and steady. Use it as time to stretch, meditate, keep your core tight, and breathing slow.

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach