181113 - Tips Tuesday - The Double Under Jump


Quick tip about Double Unders - - - (a.k.a. jumping rope where with every one jump you do, the rope passes under you two times.)

It doesn’t take long for the rope to get underneath you twice but if you only give it a teeny tiny bit of clearance than it will still never make it! The reason we tell athletes to jump with their toes up is because it creates so much more space under your foot and give the rope a little more room to make it under you two times before you land. This is probably different than you are use to jumping but it will help a ton in your journey through the land of double under!
(See photo below)

Double Under Jump.jpg

WARM UP - w/ a partner

Partner #1 - Quick Steps Over Hurdles
Partner #2 - 10 Box Step Ups

Partner #1 - Lateral Hops Over Hurdle
Partner #2 - 10 DB Box Step Ups

Partner #1 - Forward and Back Hops Over Hurdle
Partner #2 - 10 DB Thrusters

Finally … 20 Partner Wallballs

MOBILIZE - Barbell Roll Quads and Calves

COACH PREP - Workout Review
Equipment Management

30 box jumps (may be box jump-overs)
30 wall balls
@ Minute 5, 10 do 30 Double-unders or 60 singles

COOL DOWN - Skill Progressions!

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach