181112 - Motivation Monday - “healthy substitutions”


There’s tons of info graphics out there (see below) that will tell you how to make “healthy substitutions” for your Thanksgiving Day cooking. It’s a great thought but instead, why not just enjoy the deliciousness that holiday brings and be satisfied with that then move on with your life! If you’re eating healthy the majority of the time, then one big holiday feast isn’t going to throw a wrench into all of your hard work. Don’t switch up Great Grandma Gertrude’s famous green bean casserole for a less flavorful “healthier alternative”…what would she think!? Be with family, enjoy tasty food, and don’t stress about switching out that sweet pumpkin pie for “unsweetened pumpkin flavored mashed cauliflower” …gross…


Q of the Day:
Team Inchworm
Down and Back medball twisting lunges
Down and Back power skips
Down and Back Duck Walk
Down and Back donkey kicks
Down and Back hockey strides (small bands at the knees)
Down and Back banded side shuffle (small bands at the knees)

Banded front rack
Small Band Overhead Foam Roll
Med ball prayer stretch

Coach Prep
Front rack position
Wall Squat
Front Squat Warm-Up (EB)

Front Squat Medley (Pair with someone(s) doing the same weights)
Max unbroken front squats with the following weights:
Score is reps per set
Rest as needed between sets
Unbroken front squats means no re-racking the bar

Michael Reynolds

CrossFit Level 1 Coach