181101 - Soapbox Thursday


We are doing a new version of an old move today! Close grip bench press!

Here are some points made in the video below of MISTAKES people make during a close grip bench press! We will also go over all of the points of performance during class!

#1 - Too close of grip. Elbows need to be directly under your wrists! This will also decrease range of motion, amount you can lift, and mobility to lift! Go for shoulder width apart!

#2 - Lower the bar too high up your chest! This will cause your elbows to flare out and take too much pressure of the weight. Lower down to right below your nipple line.

#3 - Not retracting your scapula. Think about putting your shoulder blades into your back pocket and a small arch in your lower back with glutes pushing into the bench and feet pushing into the floor.

#4 - Tucking the elbows in too close. 30 degree angle is ideal instead of right next to the body.

#5 - Focusing on pushing the bar away from your body. Push yourself away from the bar instead of focusing on push the barbell away from you.

WARM UP - 2 minute cardio
Banded Pull Downs
Banded Pass Thrus
Banded Face Pulls
10 Diamond Push Ups

Behind the back open chest stretch
Tricep Barbell Roll

Close Grip Bench Press
Find 1RM
Suggested rep scheme to work up to the weight is:
10EB, 5, 3, 3, 2, 1
(Work with a partner to help build the weights and spot you!)

Partner (Normal Grip) Bench Press
EMOM 14:
:30 Max Bench Press 135/85
:30 Rest