181011 - Soapbox Thursday - Heed the Barbell


With so much weightlifting happening around the gym lately (thank you awesome strength program), I wanted to put out a PSA about the danger of the barbell. Ya’ll are getting mighty comfortable with them which is good for confidence and technique….but don’t get TOO comfortable!

Here’s what we are seeing and why it’s no bueno:
- Talking while lifting
”Am I getting deep enough coach? (Mid back squat)”

If you’re talking, that means you are not bracing your core and if that’s not happening, the muscles that protect your spine are not engaged, therefore your spine is NOT protected. This can also distract you from using the right muscles or focusing on how you feel.

- Speeding through/rushing lifts
”That was just my light sets.”

Even if it’s the empty bar or light weight sets, you need to practice as you will perform so treat every bar like it’s your 1RM so when that comes up, you are both mentally and physically ready! And don’t forget, even the empty bar can hurt cha!

- Looking around mid-lift
Turns head to look at someone else that’s lifting.
Your spine needs to be properly and naturally “stacked” for it to be structurally sound, so when you crank your neck to look around, the integrity of your spine is lost!

- Lifting while distracted
Laughing and telling jokes while grabbing the bar to lift.
Everyone always makes comments about how difficult these lifts are and how much there is to think about. Yet when it comes to doing it, people tend to go into the lift completely distracted from the task at hand.

We want you to be safe and be successful while lifting. Please heed the barbell and treat it with caution! We still want to have fun but not at the sacrifice of good lifting technique! CrossFit TOTAL is next Friday! ALL THREE LIFTS on a single day, going for THREE new PRs! We want you to get pumped BUT remember this PSA! :)

WARM UP - w/ a partner
250m Row ——> while partner does 5 Single Arm KB Swings (Switching arms every 5)
250m Row ——> while partner does 5 Single Arm banded presses (Switching arms every 5)
[See video of banded presses below]

MOBILIZE - 4 Way Bands

STRENGTH - Strict Press
10 @ EB
5 @ 30% +30#
3 @ 50% + 30#
2 @ 65% + 30#
3 sets of 1 @ 75% + 30#

WOD - w/ a partner
KB or DB Farmer Hold - 50-55/35 GO HEAVY! Work that grip!
12 Cal. Row
(Both work at the same time then when both are done with their movement, switch. Each switch counts as one round!)