181004 - Soapbox Thursday - Mediocartey



I can’t even spell it. Neither should you.
Being average isn’t a calling card or something to aspire to. It’s the range of folks that accept that doing the bare minimum is okay.
Just by getting up in the morning, swigging your coffee and dragging your butt to the gym isn’t enough. You’ve got to push yourself into areas of discomfort. You’ve got to make yourself comfortable with discomfort.

There are tons of showy instagram pages that offer up pleasant platitudes that are supposed to motivate you to excel. Maybe excel because it’s the hard thing not because Fiona Fitnessmodel threw “Rise and Grind” with some fancy glittery font over a 8lb kettlebell picture. That’s not a grind. An hour on the rower is a grind. Pushing the pace on a half marathon until something breaks or you feel ill is a grind. Taking your old-ass, painful knees through squats and lunges despite wanting to avoid them is a grind. Living to old age while living a worthwhile and adventurous life is a grind.

Doing what’s required to put yourself above your peers often isn’t the popular choice. It may make some folks not like you. It may make people with weak constitutions uncomfortable. However, it may actually spur people into action. Be that person. The person that actually pushes themselves and the people around them to be better.

Leave the meatyocratie to the mediocre.

STRENGTH - Back Squat
10 @ EB
5 @ 30% + 40#
3 @ 50% + 40#
2 @ 65% + 40#
3 sets of 1 @ 75% + 40#

WOD - 4 Rounds for Time
10 Chin Ups
20 Jump Lunges