181030 - Tips Tuesday - Less Painful Hook Grip


Today with the “bear complex” and with anything that you pull from the ground or a barbell that you can’t let go of, we recommend you utilize the hook grip. This basically means that you place your thumb down first then wrap you other fingers on top to lock it in. Many athletes complain about how painful this is, so here’s a couple of tips to help make it a little better:

1) Try not to put the pad of your finger right on top of your thumb fingernail, this can make it feel like you’re ripping out your nail…ouch! Instead grip deeper or more shallow to avoid being directly on it!

2) Use it even the light or EB warm up sets! Then your thumb will have more time to get use to it and adjust before it gets heavy.

3) Tape your thumbs! If it hurts when you deadlift, you can always wrap your thumb with tape to protect it a bit. Just ask a coach how to do it!

4) Suck it up buttercup! It hurts for everyone but it gets better over time! :)

WARM UP - Pick a cardio device
5 calories before each movement
Squat/Wall Squat/Weighted Squat
PVC pass thru/Gandalf/Weighted Press
Back Extension/Scorpion/Weighted Good Morning

MOBILIZE - Shoulder Stability
Grip Activation
Free Mobilize

COACH PREP - Go over Bear Movements

WOD - Three Rounds for Time
Bear Complex (95/65/EB) (75/55/EB)
20 Calories
40 Sit Ups