181029 - Motivation Monday - "Rule of 3"


Are you ready for a good week? How do you know? Did you plan it out?
I am a list girl, I love making long to do lists and chipping away at them…must be why I love chipper WODs ;) Anyway, but that’s not necessarily the best way. The human brain has trouble focusing while there is so much on your plate. 3 is a really good number for the mind to hold on to. 4 is too many and 2 just doesn’t seem like enough. So what is the “Rule of 3”

Check out the chart below! You’ve got three main focus points. On Monday (TODAY!) you create a three part vision for your week. What are the three main things that need to be accomplished or gained from your week? Then each day you have three “to-do” action items that must be completed for the vision to become real. At the end of the week, on Friday you make two different lists. 3 things that went well and 3 things you’d like to see improve!

It’s important to have a map if you want to make it to your intended destination. This is your GPS to your goals!


WARM UP - 2 Minutes of Cardio
Single Leg Deadlift Drinking Bird to Lunge (Spiderman)
Dead Bug
Can Can
Jump Squats

Roll out Ankles and Feet
Banded Ankle Stretch

SKILL - Pistols! pew pew
3 Rounds Not for Time
4 Candlesticks
4 Box Heal Taps
4 Foot Lock Pistols
4 Weighted or Ring Assist Pistols

COACH PREP - Double Under Practice
Decide Pistol Scaling Option!

2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 … Continue and add 2
Pistols (Total and Not Alternating )
20 Double Unders (After each pistol set)

Cool Down - 200m Jog
Roll out Feet