181026 - FYF

Bring your friends for some festive fun tomorrow! We are hosting a Halloween themed community workout and it’s going to be a blast! At 7pm tomorrow, we are having a costume party at Coach Michael’s house (see athlete’s page for address)! Sign up sheet for food and drinks is taped to the lockers!

HalloWOD 2.jpg

800m Run
21 - 15 - 9
Clusters 95/65
Burpee Pull Ups
800m Run

More Murph Prep! This one is a little in disguise…not as obvious as Angie was! So here’s an explanation of how it will help you in our Veteran’s Day workout:
1) Grit! This looks like a tough one but you just have to take it one step at a time and grind through it!
2) In total, you will run one mile in this workout which is half of the running distance of murph BUT it is sandwiching a fair amount of work so it’s important to learn how to pace out the first and push through the second!
3) The clusters are weighted squats! You’ll be doing lots of squats…the more practice the better!
4) Burpee Pull Ups are a push up mixed with a pull up, so we get more experience with both movements at once!