181025 - Soapbox Thursday


What is CrossFit?
Constantly Varied, Functional Movement at High Intensity
Large loads, long distances, quickly
Increased work capacity across broad time, modal and age domains
Strength, Flexibility, Cardiorespiratory and Cardiovascular Endurance, Stamina, Power, Speed, Accuracy, Agility, Balance and Coordination
We specialize in not specializing (specialization is for insects)
Work hard, play hard, rest and recover hard

What is Choice City CrossFit?
Community, Coaching, Culture and Fun!

Today we’re doing some fun accessory stuff in stations! This is going to be "muscle building” activities that will still keep us fresh for a Murph Prep FYF Tomorrow! Let’s get swole! :)

WARM UP - 3 Rounds
10 Calories
10 DB Tricep Extensions
10 DB Single Arm Back Stepping Lunges
10 DB Bicep Curls

MOBILIZE - Free time
(If you need recommendations on what to do, ask a coach!)

GAME - Head Shoulder Knees Cone

WOD - :90 at each station x 3
Bicep Hammer Curls
Dips (Kipping Ring or Banded Ring or Paralette)
Bulgarian Weighted Split Squats
Pinch Plate Carry
Chinese Plank Hold

COOL DOWN - Barbell Roll Quads/Calves/Delts