181024 - Quote of the Week


It’s going to get cold and snowy.
You’re going to get sick at some point.
The days are getting shorter and darker.

All of this makes it harder to reach health goals but those goals are looking at you with big judgey eyes wondering why you’re making excuses! The goals don’t care about all of that stuff, they only care that you work for them! Keep your eyes on the prize and the winter blues won’t get you down so much!


WARM UP - 100m run with 20 curb step ups at the tree
20 second dead hang
10 Knees to Chest
10 Suitcase deadlifts

MOBILIZE - Quad and hammy banded activation

Rope Climb foot locks
Deadlifts work up to the WOD weight
Box Jumps (Practice)

2 Rope Climbs
12 Deadlifts (@ 60% of your 1RM)
21 Box Jumps